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Freeman River Adventures is a family orientated business that is located near the geographical center of Alberta, Canada. We specialize in quality outdoor experiences for the whole family. Our hunting areas boast large populations of mature animals.
Freeman River Adventures is located only 90 minutes northwest of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We offer moose hunts, elk hunts, whitetail deer hunts, mule deer hunts, black bear hunts plus wolf and coyote hunts.
Whether you want to hunt trophy Canada bull moose, trophy whitetail deer, mule deer, black bear, or massive elk, Freeman River Adventures will provide you with a hunting experience you will remember for a lifetime!
The Athabasca River drainage is home to some of the largest walleye found in Alberta. Our jet-boat day trips on the river are filled with a choice of activities, including walleye fishing, wildlife encounters and photography opportunities. To complement the day's activities, nothing makes the day more memorable than a riverside fish fry.
Tell us what your interests are and let us custom plan a hunting, fishing, or combo excursion for you. Join us for adventures of a lifetime where we make your dreams reality!
The coastal water of northern British Columbia is renowned for its large numbers of big fish. We offer halibut, ling cod, and salmon fishing trips. Ask us for available dates to catch the fish of a lifetime! Learn More>
Alberta Moose Hunting

Alberta moose hunts are very fun and exciting, especially during the rut season when huge bull moose can be called within very close range.
Alberta Bear Hunting

We offer archery and rifle bear hunts. It is common to see trophy bears in many color phases, such as blonde, cinnamon, chocolate, and black.
Alberta Deer Hunting

Alberta's whitetail deer are one of the most sought after trophies in North America. We offer archery / bowhunts for whitetail deer and mule deer.
Alberta Elk Hunting

We offer archery elk hunts during pre-rut and prime-rut in Alberta. It is an excellent time to hear the elk bugling and to call them into range.
Alberta Wolf / Coyote Hunting

We offer wolf and coyote hunts for the rifle hunter and bowhunter. We have been steadily successful in providing opportunities to get a wolf or coyote.
Alberta Walleye / River Fishing

The Athabasca River is home to some of the largest Walleye found in Alberta. Fish for the catch of the day, then enjoy a riverside fish fry.
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Freeman River Adventures
P.O. Box 303
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
Canada T0G 1A0

Telephone: 780-333-5371

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