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ALBERTA RESIDENT SERVICES ~ Freeman River Adventures in Central Alberta

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Freeman River Adventures strives to ensure that you have an enjoyable, memorable wilderness hunting experience in Alberta, Canada. Freeman River Adventures offers Alberta Resident Services. We supply a fully outfitted tent camp, including two tents, cots, covered kitchen area with kitchen equipment, generator, lights, and propane for the stove. Customers bring their own sleeping rolls, food, personal items, personal equipment, and hunting gear.
We take a lot of pride in our tent camp, keeping it neat, clean, and organized. While you are in our tent camp, we make it our priority to ensure that you stay as comfortable as possible while enjoying the wilderness experience. Keeping our tent camp small allows us to provide you with a unique, personalized, Alberta hunting experience. Our tent camp is located in a serene, private area, offering a quiet, relaxing atmosphere between hunts. Quite often, you can hear the river in the background.
Transportation to and from our scenic, secluded hunting camp is supplied via jet boat on Alberta's beautiful Athabasca River.
Our camp area is fully scouted. There are self climbers and ladder stands. Ground blinds are available for use.
Our experienced guide will bring in a quad and retrieve game, field dress it, and get it to guaranteed cooler space while you continue hunting.
By enjoying our fully outfitted tent camp, you can spend more time hunting and less time setting up and subsequently tearing down your own camp.
Come experience our hospitality. Stay in our scenically located tent camp. Book your next Alberta black bear hunt, moose hunt, elk hunt, whitetail deer hunt, mule deer hunt, or wolf / coyote hunt with us! Join us for adventures of a lifetime in Alberta, Canada where we make your dreams reality!
Personal Clothing and Equipment:
For a list of items that you should bring on your hunt to make your hunt as comfortable and as practical as possible, click here. This list should give you a general idea of what to bring, use it as a guideline but still use your own judgment.
Gear and Weather
Your personal hunting gear will vary on the season and species you are hunting. In Alberta, there is no requirement to wear high-visibility clothing (such as red or blaze orange) while hunting.
The old saying "if you don't like the weather now, wait 10 minutes, it will change" definitely applies to Alberta weather! You should always be prepared. We recommend that you contact us prior to your departure to review current and forecast weather situations.
Contact Information
Freeman River Adventures
P.O. Box 303
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
Canada T0G 1A0

Telephone: 780-333-5371

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