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Alberta Black Bear Hunting ~ Rifle and Archery / Bowhunting
Trophy Black Bear Hunts in Alberta, Canada
Freeman River Adventures offers guided rifle and archery black bear hunts during the spring and fall bear hunting seasons in the Central Region of Alberta, Canada.
We provide some of the best Alberta black bear hunting you could ever hope for. The central Alberta area that we hunt is spot and stalk only, which makes for a very exciting black bear hunt. Alberta is a two-bear zone with many color phased bears ranging from blond, cinnamon and chocolate to black.
We are committed to making your black bear hunting trip in central Alberta, Canada an unforgettable and successful one. We offer top quality black bear hunts in central Alberta's Freeman River drainage hunting area. Our hunting area consistently produces large, Alberta black bears and we will do everything we can to put you on the trophy black bear of your dreams. Our goal is to make your dreams reality!
Contact us for more information or to book your next black bear hunting trip in central Alberta, Canada.
Archery Only and General Season (Archery / Bowhunting and/or Rifle) Alberta Black Bear Hunts:
Alberta's Archery Only and General Season black bear hunts offer a two-bear harvest with a very high success rate and excellent percentage of color phase bears ranging from blondes to dark browns to black. The Freeman River drainage in central Alberta is a great black bear hunting area, offering some real huge trophy black bears each season.
Non-Baited Alberta Black Bear Hunting ~ Archery and/or Rifle:
Non-baited black bear hunts are very popular. For these hunts, we catch the bears feeding on items that are a part of their natural diet, such as berries or clover. The Freeman River drainage hunting area in central Alberta offers an extremely good chance of harvesting a huge trophy black bear. The non-baited black bear hunt allows some movement and is more adventurous than baited hunts. The most exciting of all black bear hunts seems to be the non-baited archery black bear hunts where you may get the thrill of actually stalking your trophy black bear.
Alberta Black Bear and Large Animal Combo Hunts:
Hunters can combine our black bear hunts with other big game hunts, including moose hunts, elk hunts, whitetail deer hunts, and mule deer hunts. While hunting Alberta's black bear, you will be traversing prime big game hunting areas, so why not take advantage and take home another trophy by getting an elk, whitetail deer, mule deer or moose along with your trophy black bear. Alberta has a two-bear limit, making our black bear / large animal hunting combo an exciting adventure with a great possibility to harvest three trophy animals.
Alberta Black Bear Hunting Adventure Options:
Archery Hunts (August 25 to September 7)
General Season Hunts (Spring April 17 to June 15 and Autumn/Fall September 8 to November 30)
Non-Baited Hunts (Two Bear Area)
Black Bear and Moose, Deer or Elk Combo Hunts
Black Bear and Wolf / Coyote Combo Hunts
Multi-day Hunts and/or Combo Hunts
Black Bear Hunt and Walleye Fishing Combo
Our Alberta Bear Hunting Adventures are six day hunting trips that can be extended for an additional charge. Fees include three meals per day and accommodations at the lodge or backcountry tent camp.
Click here for Booking Information
Contact Information
Freeman River Adventures
P.O. Box 303
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
Canada T0G 1A0

Telephone: 780-333-5371

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